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My Bus Pass and I Are Best Friends


                            (source: thesource.metro.net)

     For all of you familiar with taking the Metro, you are well and            aware of the struggle of getting around LA without a car.

As annoying as public transportation is, I am so grateful for my TAP card (bus pass) as it allows me to quickly “tap” my fare and keep it moving unlike people paying with physical money…


                               Hurry the eff up, man…..

However, the fact that I spend 90% of my life waiting for these babies to arrive on time is not cute. Like Sweet Brown said,



Along with the little annoyances come those moments that induce a little anxiety. To avoid most of the awk moments while riding the bus, use this tip:

Wear dark sunglasses and listen to music (or pretend to). That way you can be effectively antisocial and avoid that man affectionately staring you down from across the bus.


                              Switch on your bitch mode..

Obviously, in terms of taking public transportation, getting up close and personal with strangers in a small space comes with the territory. But there’s something about being in a crowded bus makes me wanna yell,                         “this-is-some-bull-you-know-what dot org!”


On the good days, you can find an empty seat or hop on a bus without having to interact with anyone you don’t want to.

On the bad days, I have to pretend like I’m in that slow-motion scene in the Matrix when strangers fall asleep on my shoulder or, better yet, get some random person to realize I stopped listening to them talk 15 minutes ago.


                           (source: imaging-resource.com)

Unfortunately, you’ll realize that when you live in the city, there are more bad days than good….


When the bus driver PRETENDS he didn’t see you running for the bus


                                 Run, Forest, run!

             Or when you’ve been at the bus stop for 20 minutes…..                                      but it ‘s not like that even matters


                        My face be like   ———-______________———-

When the driver drives off before you sit down so you try to                                                sprint to the seat


Fail. I have to remind myself I am not Usain Bolt.

             When choosing where to sit but it’s just alllll bad



                          Nevermind. I’ll just wait for the next bus…

                 When you find strange things on your seat

                            Hey, at least it’s not gum this time!

                          When people are creepy as hell



You go out at night looking like Rihanna but leave looking like Amanda Bynes. Now you’re on the bus after hours (it’s cheaper, don’t judge me) with runny makeup, drunk and an outfit that displays all your goods                  


           I can’t be on the bus looking extra ratchet, sorry nightlife.

                           When you get on the wrong bus -_-


                                     Seriously. It’s the worst. 

                         When one person takes up two seats


                         Sir, when you wake up, punch yourself.

                 When someone doesn’t want to pay the fare


          DAYUMMMMM you got knocked the **** out over a $1.50!

Ok ok ok. I’ve never seen a bus driver get this angry but it’s still awkward when you imagine being on a bus where the driver uppercuts a passenger…..(Do people still remember that happened?)


Does sharing a cramped space with strangers often suck?                    

Big time (especially when someone on the bus smells like they don’t know what deodorant is).

But, as a brroooke grad student, it is a practical and less expensive way to travel in LA. So, whether you’re going to First Fridays or to LACMA, jump on the local bus/rail and soak in all the awkwardness this city has to offer.

Until next time,
Peace <3. 


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